Inspiring Purple Rain

Life today can be extremely difficult for the individuals that can be caught off guard by the surprises it brings.  Prince’s album Purple Rain has lifted up many spirits, including my own.  However, Nathan “prcog” Burgess, writes that their are some lyrics that were created for marketing in his blog 5 Lyrics From the Purple One that are Obviously About Marketing.   Personally, I do not think, or ever thought, any song from Purple Rain could possibly be written about, or for, marketing.  But he does make an intelligent attempt to prove his opinion.Image result for purple rain

The post itself I found pretty humorous honestly.  He had taken a few lyrics from five different songs and posted them onto pictures.  He then added creative humorous subtext to prove his point. I like how he explained he doesn’t understand all of the lyrics on the album (lets be honest nobody truly knows artists intentions, even though some love to think they do including me) but he had fallen in love with the album.  Honestly, who could not love Prince.

My favorite subtext from his blog makes pretty good sense.  It reads, “When the pitch just won’t land…” and the lyrics come from the song Computer Blue; “Somebody please tell me what the hell is wrong.”  I must admit, upon reading that I smiled a little bit because it makes sense!  I have different thoughts on the content of the lyrics, but I’ll let him have this one.

Image result for humor


His overall blog post was pretty genius.  Even though I may not agree with some of it, I know he created the post for entertainment.  In today’s society, laughing is one of the best things you could do.  Prince was an inspiring artist, but this blog post was inspiring in different ways that only a few unique minds could brainstorm.



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